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Japan Sports Agent is a global sports agency based in Tokyo Japan providing complete services to our clients and looking to talent from a variety of sports especially Olimpic athletes.
Our comprehensive service and lot of experiences leaves our clients free to concentrate on playing sports.
We are ranked the top sports agency in japan as specializing represent Olimpic athletes.
In addition to the management to all our clients directly, We have extensive strategic alliances with other management agencies to provide all over the world .
We believe that our services leads to not only the satisfaction of client but also the success of the olympic games held in 2020.


Japan sports agent offers the following services:

  1. Contract negotiation
    With every contract we negotiate focused on our client's best interests.
  2. Event management and promotion
    Our marketing associates will assess the athlete’s positioning to build name brand recognition and maximize off the field revenue.
  3. Sponsorship and marketing
    our strategy for sponsorship and marketing is carefully considered to both help a company meet and support athletes demands.
  4. Media Marketing
    We have strong credibility with television channels, advertising firms, and public institutions.
  5. Team placement
    We have the ability to help place our clients on both the national and international sports team.
  6. attendance services
    we are willing to take care of international athletes and international sports teams in Japan.



Toshihiko Koga
(Men's Judo)

Olympic Games
1992 Barcelona 71kg Gold
1996 Atlanta 78kg Silver
 the head coach for the All-Japan women's judo team The founder of Koga Juku (judo school for a young child)


Norio Sasaki (Football)

『To be a lady's football player』
former association football player
the head coach of the Japan women's national football team
teams managed;
2006-2007 Japan Women U20
2008- Japan Women
managerial honours;
2008 Olympic Games 4th
2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Gold
2013 Olympic Games Silver

中田 大輔への出演依頼

Daisuke Nakata (Trampolining)

2000 Participation in Sydney Olympics
2004 World Ranking 1st

2005 World championship men's team Silver (Captain)


Kiyoshi Hatanaka (Boxing)

1991 WBC Super Bantamweight Champion
the president of Hatanaka Boxing Gym


Hiroshi Nakano (Boxing)

1999 OPBF Flyweight Champion


Ryuhei Sugita (Boxing)

1998 Japan Super featherweight Champion


Hiroshi Hayano (Football)

Japan football leage manager, commentator
(management team; Yokohama F. Marinos, Kashiwa Reysol, Gamba osaka)


Koji Tanaka (Football)

Japan football leage manager, commentator
(management team; Nagoya Grampus, Shonan Bellmare)
(general manager; Vegalta Sendai)
1993-1995 Japan U-20 team manager


Daisuke Sasaki (Skibase jump)

the only Japanese skiing base jumper
2003 AK Freeride challenge  Gold
2003 IFSA World tour Sickbird award for the most extreme performance


Katsuya Nomura (Baseball)

Japan professional baseball league manager
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles honorary manager


Kototsurugi (Sumo)

former sumo wrestler(rikishi)
sumo cartoonist, critic


Akira Masuda (Karate)

1990 the 22nd All Japan Kyokushin Tournament  Gold
1991 the 5th World Karate Tournament Second Place,
Grand master of Kyokushin Kaikan Masuda Dojo


Hiroshi Sowa (Football)

Japan football leage manager, commentator
(management team; Cerezo Osaka, Sagan Tosu)
former football player very good at assistance


Yuki Sho (Japan Society of Sport Psychology member)

Commentator on sports psychology, sports writer and sports caster


Kazumi Nakamura (Volleyball)

Former all Japan volleyball ace attacker, Sports commentator
Olympic Games
1992, 1996 player
2004, 2008 All Japan team staff


Ayako Inada (Rythmic gymnastics)

Olympic Games
2000 Group competition  5th


Kiyoteru Higuchi (Taekwondo)

2000 Olympic Games
2012 Olympics Games strengthening specification player
16 totals win a medal by an international match including the World Cup.


Sayaka Kato (Snowboard)

2007 JOC Junior Olympic Half-pipe  Gold
2008 FIS Kissmark Cup  Gold
2009 JSBA All Japan Championship  Silver


Kousetsu Kanamaru (Alpine skiing)

2008 National junior high school ski competition (GS) Gold
2009 National high school ski competition (Slalom)  5th
FIS GS & SL race of domestic or an overseas is entered.


Mayo Hattori (Taekwondo)

2007 Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship  Bronze
2008 East Asian Games  Gold
2011 All Japan championship  Gold


Yuko Nakanishi (Boat Race)

Female motorboat race player


Hiroki Yamashita (Taekwondo)

2009 One Taekwondo Open competition  Gold
2010 All Japan championship  Silver


Masahiro Yamada (Sepak takraw)

2007 International championship  Bronze
2008 King's Cup world championship  Gold
2008 All Japan championship  Gold


Izumi Amaike (Snowboard)

X-game  Bronze

川西 隆由樹への出演依頼

Takayuki Kawanishi (Trampolining)

2002 World Cup  Gold
2003 World Cup  Silver
2004 World ranking  1st


Yuji Iwamoto (Ice hockey)

1994 Olympic Games
ice hockey manager
(management team; U-20 All Japan, Yukijirushi ice hockey Club)


Naoko Ogiwara (Female racing driver)

Formula One, 24 Hours of Le Mans
2001 All Japan championship GT2 Class  Bronze
(first winners' platform acquisition in a female team victor)
A present Japan super durable race only female driver


Kazuyoshi Tatsunami (Baseball)

『Baseball school』
former Japanese professional baseball player
Baseball commentator


Kumiko Kaneda (Golf)

『How to play golf for woman』
Woman's Professional golfer
2011 Fuji Sankei Classic 1st
2013 Hokenno Madoguchi Ladies 2nd
2013 Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament 2nd


Hidekazu Imai (Golf)



Atsushi Kato (Volleyball)

Volleyball international official-recognition coach
(management team; Hitachimobara women's volleyball team, Tunisia national team coach )


Takahiro Naitoh
(Inline Skate )


井田  朱音への出演依頼

Akane Ida (Announcer)

sports announcer,  sports reporter


Aki Okada  (Announcer)

sports announcer,  sports reporter


Takako Anami  (Announcer)

sports narrator, MC & sports reporter


Shiori Asou (Reporter)

sports MC,  reporter

Reiko Tosa (Marathon)

2001 World Championships  Silver
2004 Olympic Games  5th
2007 Osaka, Japan  Bronze


Daiki Takeda (Junior Golf)

2010 National junior high school golf Group convention  Silver
2011 National junior high school golf Group convention  Bronze
Now, since it becomes a pro golf player, he is given training in Japan, Australia, or the United States.

Sarasa Matsushima

Sarasa Matsushima (Equestrian)




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